About Us

About Us

Bin Dowal Drilling and Oilfield Services Co.Ltd . is a division of
Bin Dowal Companies. The company is a forward-looking and thinking organization that
provides total project management solutions to clients in the drilling and workover industry.
Led by CEO Mr. Abdullah Bin Dowal, a Yemeni National, the company has a highly qualified
team of drilling, petroleum, mechanical, and civil engineering personnel.

Bin Dowal Drilling and Oilfield Services Co.Ltd. is a reputable company that specializes in
providing comprehensive oil and gas services. With a strong focus on drilling operations, it
plays a crucial role in the exploration, extraction, and production of oil and gas resources.

The drilling division of Bin Dowal Drilling and Oilfield Services Co. Ltd. is staffed by an
international team of managers, tool pushers, drillers, mechanics, electricians, and safety
professionals, as well as Yemeni technical and manpower support. The company is
committed to quality and safety and is working towards ISO-9000 standards. It will
implement computer-driven quality programs to aid clients in the drilling and workover
contracts it is currently administering. Safety is a top priority for the company, and it
documents weekly safety talks and tips with all of its employees.
In the future, Bin Dowal Drilling and Oilfield Services Co. Ltd. will have grown and matured,
and now will have over 1200 major pieces of almost new equipment, not to mention minor
pieces of equipment. It is housed in two new office buildings with a large office staff
functioning with computerized programs in almost all areas, including an equipment yard
where it manufactures acetylene, oxygen, and nitrogen to support its welding operations
and well services. It also has two properties where it stores large equipment items, large
material items, and warehouse spare parts to support its field operations.
The operation is going well with high customer satisfaction. The company continues to offer
quality service to each and every project contracted with the company, retaining high
customer satisfaction in Yemen and internationally.


Bin Dowal Drilling and Oilfield Services Co.Ltd. offers quality support and service in areas:

  • 1. Drilling and Workover Services

  • 2. Downhole tools
  • 3. Consultancy Services
  • 4. Equipment Maintenance
  • 5. Equipment Rental
  • 6. Welding and Fabrication Services
  • 7. Environmental Services
  • 8. Transportation and Logistics
  • 9. Procurement Services